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Showman ® Heavy nylon cooler saddle bag.

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Showman ® Heavy nylon cooler saddle bag.  The Insulated and Detachable Side Coolers keep the snacks and drinks cold and fresh for hours. Convenient top zipper allows you to reach your snacks with ease while riding. Each Cooler holds up to twelve 12 oz can. Easy attach / detach makes gearing up a breeze. The cooler’s measure 12” x 12” x 6”. The Cantle bag is perfect for essentials like


sunscreen, bug spray, rain coat and similar products. The oversize snaps and zipper make it easy to operate from horseback even with your gloves on. The smooth padded underside ensures your horse comfort and can easily be cleaned as well as wipe right off dirt and grime. There are easy attachments like 4 D-Rings and 2 grommets which give the rider ample options for attachment. The overall tough construction of this saddle bag can withstand abuse and its a must have for those long days on the trail.